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Arts Roundup: I Can’t Get No Edition

Elizabeth Catlett, influential D.C.-born sculptor and artistic product of the Harlem Renaissance, has died. [Post]

The Howard Theatre has changed, and so has the neighborhood. [Post]

Dance Exchange heads for Appalachians. For a new project, "How to Lose a Mountain," the company is walking to a strip-mining site in West Virginia, staging programs along the way. [DanceDC, Pink Line Project]

chickfactor chronicles: Belle & Sebastian's Stevie Jackson, interviewed. [BYT]

Don't screw it up, Fat Trel. [D.C. Mumbo Sauce]

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  • Artistas Documentary

    Peace to Ms. Catlett, an inspiration to us all. See the trailer of "Artistas: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone" featuring Catlett, a feature documentary by My Dog Spot Productions and award-winning Director Sue May.