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Arts Roundup: Mad Props Edition

Cornell University's choral director, Scott Tucker, to succeed Choral Arts Society honcho Norman Scribner, who founded the ensemble 46 years ago. [Post]

Black Cat Peep show! (Not what you think.) [Post]

DMV producer Judah's track-by-track review of Fat Trel's Nightmare on E St. is pretty brutal. [For the DMV Only]

Chatting with curator Amy Lipton, whose selections for the ongoing 5x5 public art project deal with biodiversity [Pink Line Project]

A theater story whose lede involves a severed-head prop—and is somehow not penned by Maura Judkis [Post]

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  • Lyndsey Gore

    Correction: The Choral Arts successor is Scott Tucker.

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Thanks, Lyndsey. Fixed.