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Arts Roundup: Washingtonian Quittin’ Time Edition

Another One Bites the Dust: Does Washingtonian have a retention problem? Kyle Gustafson (disclosure: a former colleague) has announced that he's leaving his post as the magazine's online editor. "It wasn't working out for either party," he tells TBD. His departure comes just five months after he started; the website's previous editor, Sommer Mathis (also a former colleague) only hung around four months. Meanwhile, TBD's news editor is straightforward about his employer's fortunes: At the moment, the Allbritton-owned media website (and yes, my former employer, who laid me off less than a year ago) employs only two full-time staffers, and when they leave, the site will probably fold like a tiny Virginia prison town.

Fabulosity: Also over at TBD, Jenny Rogerswho is headed to the Examiner—has a profile of Joi-Marie Mackenzie, the "CEO, CFO, and janitor" of, a society website for "the browner D.C."

Welcome to the Bungle: DCist's headline gets it right: Axl Rose and some guys to play Fillmore.

Obama Family Fun Alert: Over the weekend, the first family took a probably-not-casual-whatsoever stroll to the Corcoran Gallery of Art to catch "30 Americans" before it closes in two weeks. Does the president still have to pay the admission price?

Extended: Studio Theatre's Time Stands Still, to Feb. 19.

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