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This Week in WCP Arts: The Answers Isssue, Annie Leibovitz, Sean Born

On the cover of this week's City Paper is The Answers Issue, in which we take a whack at our readers' most pressing queries. Therein, you'll find lots of questions and answers related to arts and cultures, including: Can an actor make a middle-class living in D.C.? Does anyone ever win the myriad contests City Paper runs? Why does Marion Barry have a portrait in his office of him riding a horse while wearing a cowboy hat? Why do D.C. bands suck so much now? Click and find out the answers!

In the arts section, Louis Jacobson is underwhelmed by "Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage," for which the celebrated celebrity photographer captures the homes and relics and dead luminaries. Tricia Olszewski reviews Albert Nobbs, the lifeless film for which Glenn Close has  just been nominated—confoundingly—for an Oscar, and Man on a Ledge, which, yeah, do you even want to know? Chris Klimek reviews Shakespeare Theatre Company's The Two Gentlemen of Verona, which complicates a tricky play with, um, U2 covers and text messaging. And in One Track Mind, Marcus J. Moore talks trap music with Sean Born, who says to his haters: "Fuck 'em. Just fuck 'em."

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