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Don’t Be Bored: Russian Forest Punk!

File this one under endurance tests: The latest art-punk orgy at Comet Ping Pong doesn’t get started until 10:30 p.m., and that isn’t even the most difficult thing about it. K-Holes came out of Atlanta’s neo-garage scene, have nestled nicely into New York’s artier version of the same, and make spooky sax-punk dirges that draw equally from James Chance and The Cramps. The evening also includes DJ sets from two regular fuzz-rock party starters, Kid Congo Powers and Baby Alcatraz, and, for good measure, video art from Ryan Hill and Rob Parrish. But the biggest probable mindfuck comes via The Gumbas, a “forest punk” quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia, whose members are professional ballet dancers. Intriguingly, their Soundcloud page has 1) just two 40-second song clips; and 2) the same Lewis Hine photograph The Walkmen used on the cover of their debut album. Enigmatic! But here’s one mystery solved: The show is starting so late because one member of The Gumbas has to perform earlier in the evening with the Mariinsky Ballet at the Kennedy Center. 10:30 p.m. tonight at Comet Ping Pong. $10.


If you have not seen The Dustys in your time living in the District, you have been sent another opportunity. The pop-rock ensemble—one of Northern Virginia's best rock bands (representing the City of Falls Church)—is at Velvet Lounge tonight on a Merrifield Records lineup. 10 p.m. $8.

Tonight also reaps a couple major Moments in Punk: 1) It's one of the last shows at Gold Leaf Studios, with White Life, Sunset Recorder, Miyazaki, Ra Ra Rasputin in the headlining slot, and DJs between sets (9 p.m. $5. BYOB). Then, there's 2) the fuck-ageism youth punk show at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church, which sheds light on a prejudice not many of us rank high on our list of grievances against society. Give these young folks a chance to rock your mug off. All proceeds go to the All Ages Movement Project. 6 p.m. $5.

As it happens, those venues are rocking all weekend: Saturday is the last D.C. Jazz Loft show at Gold Leaf, with Brian Settles, Kris Funn, Elijah Jamal, and much more (7 p.m., $10); and WCP fav Volta Bureau plays St. Stephen tomorrow eve (7 p.m. doors, $5).

Also in jazz, on Sunday, Michael J. West tosses in his cap for pipa player Min Xiao-Fen's jazz performance at Bohemian Caverns. Miles and Monk on a lute-like instrument? Sounds delightful. Read about that over in City Lights.


Even the trailer for Dark Girls, a documentary by D. Channsin Berry and Bill Duke, will bring a quiver to your lips: The filmmakers investigate deep and ugly biases against dark-skinned black women, who speak—often through tears—of being made to feel alienated and unattractive for as long as they can remember. The film shows tonight at Warner Theatre. 8 p.m. $35-$70.

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Photo of The Gumbas by Sasha Lord.

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