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Arts Roundup: Strictly for the Females Edition

Sad Song/Happy Song: As we mentioned Monday, WaPo's John Kelly waxed nostalgic for Melody Records and Penn Camera over the weekend, but yesterday, Washingtonian turned in a surprisingly comprehensive list of local record shops.

Attention Dudes: Ital, the electronic-music moniker of Black Eyes' Daniel Martin-McCormick, will release its full-length debut, Hive Mind, on March 6.

Gross: Photos of the No-Pants Metro Ride.

Strictly for the Females: TBD's Andrew Beaujon talks to Maryland MC Your Boy Fuse, who considers himself a "renaissance person" for making music that women might like.

Theater News: Ford's Theatre has hired a new literary and casting director, Nicholas Stimler (read his bio here); Signature Theatre will open its fourth world premiere of the season, Really, Really, on Jan. 31. The play, by Paul Downs Colaizzo, is inspired by—but not about—the Duke University lacrosse team scandal. Signature is calling it "edgy" and "controversial."

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