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Arts Roundup: OK, So D.C. Does Kinda Suck Edition

Numbers Talk: Urban scholar Richard Florida has his say in the debate over whether D.C. is a good place for artists to make a living. He looks at the concentration and incomes of different types of artists in the D.C. region, New York, Philly, and Baltimore, and concludes that "D.C. seems like a not-so-great place for visual artists, a slightly better than average place for musicians and a pretty good place for writers and editors. New York and L.A. continue to dominate these fields, particularly arts, design and music, and actually provide a comparatively good living even with their high costs of housing."

On Your Airwaves: Tune into Kojo Nnamdi's show today to hear Ian Mackaye discuss the Great Fugazi Online Archive. And if you're in front of a television this morning, check out Hairspray cast members on Fox.

Goin' Big: The organizers of D.C.'s Chinese New Year parade have big dreams, reports Monica Hesse.

Life in the Bookhouse: WaPo's Dan Zak hangs out in the Arlington Bookhouse, run by an 80-year-old and a 91-year-old, and closing in the next year or two.

Local Label Roundup!: In case you missed it, Fader magazine's December/January issue features a brief piece on D.C./Maryland-based electronic music label Future Times, along with a few other quality independent electronic labels you should get into. And yesterday, Windian Records gave us a glimpse into its release schedule for 2012.

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