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Arts Roundup: Discontinued Perfume Edition

Tigger Trap: DCRTV's Dave Hughes follows up—in video form!—on the news that WPGC has ousted morning host Big Tigger. Today he says: The Post messed up by not getting the story into today's paper; and WPGC is in a tough position, stuck somewhere in the middle between pop station 99.5 and hip-hop/R&B station 93.9.

Lists Lists Lists: The Washington Post logs its lists of the best local music of 2011, and they liked a lot of records that we did, too. They also mentioned some worthy releases we forgot about, including albums and mixtapes from Dot Dash and Gordo Brega. Consensus faves this year seem to The Caribbean, Oddisee, Gods'Illa, and Benoit & Sergio.

Today on Arts Desk: Music lists from Mike West and Ramon Ramirez. Weekend tips!

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