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Arts Roundup: Manifesto Edition

Punk Blogging's Not Dead: The writer behind local punk blog DayAfterDayDC explains why the site exists. Reason No. 1: "Why document the scene? To support it; I like to think of myself as a cheerleader for the scene. The main reason I started the site was that no one else was doing it. If you want something done, do it yourself. In D.C., punk-ridden music is almost never afforded any respect by the establishment press (or the alternative press), and I wasn’t familiar with anyone trying to document the contemporary scene on an accessible level, so I opted to." The other reasons, briefly: Wants to serve as resource, needs a creative outlet, recognizes the glory. Rock on.

Art Crimes: On his personal blog, Arts Desk contributor and artist John Anderson notices that his work in the Washington Project for the Arts' "Options 2011" show has been vandalized—a funny thing, since he was once pilloried by the Los Angeles Times's art critic for satirically claiming to have defaced a Sol LeWitt.

Lone Star Pocket: Take Me Out to the Go-Go points a new go-go radio show—in Texas.

Today on Arts Desk: What HuffPo got wrong about the Lincoln Theatre.

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