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This Week in WCP Arts: Fort Reno, Clybourne Revisited, Miranda July

Ryan Little has this week's cover story—a fantastic oral history of the annual summer concert series at Fort Reno, which has evolved from hippie hangout to punk-rock institution. Abdul Ali leads the arts section with his dissenting opinion on the critically lauded play Clybourne Park, which he says doesn't do right by its inspiration, A Raisin in the Sun. Tricia Olszewski reviews two films that have something to say about time, the ruminative and surrealistic The Future and the fast as fuck French thriller Point Blank. Chris Klimek suffers through a staging of Steel Magnolias at Keegan Theatre. John Anderson checks out the themeless "Photo 11" exhibit Artisphere and does some pondering about the medium. And Little, prolific Ryan Little, talks to noisy rockers Mittenfields for this week's One Track Mind.


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  • What?

    Umm...while I understand Chris's review and frame of reference for the script and Keegan's production, what I don't understand is where in the review does it state or imply that he "struggled through it"? This seems to be an unfair description while the review ends with, "You will like this, if this is the sorta thing you like."