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This Week in WCP Arts: Abigail Adams’ Alt-Weekly Debut, The Cornel West Theory

Inside the cover story of this week's paper, a number of writers score their first ever Washington City Paper bylines, including Abigail Adams, Mark Twain, and Sinclair Lewis. OK, OK, they're actually excerpts from a new anthology of Washington literature—snapshots of the city before we associated its writerly class with policy wonks and thriller writers.

Ramon Ramirez leads the arts section with his profile of local hip-hop band The Cornel West Theory—an outfit whose genre-defying music, and not necessarily its association with a certain controversial academic, has it poised to become a rare local rap export. Tricia Olszewski reviews Harry (Potter, that is) and Terri (in which John C. Reilly's antics do not impress her). Rebecca J. Ritzel becomes a willing participant in The Complete World of Sports (abridged) at the Kennedy Center. David Dunlap reviews the new solo album by Fiery Furnaces singer Eleanor Friedberger. Justin Moyer pens a heroic takedown of the book Retromania, in which the critic Simon Reynolds says pop music has become to nostalgic. And we ran just a sampling of our unfuckwitable Fringe & Purge blog. Read it!

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