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Arts Roundup: 180 Edition

Bienvenido a Miami: Starting Memorial Day weekend, the folks behind smooth vibe empire Eighteenth Street Lounge and scenester outpost Marvin will take over the summer pool party series at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, reports the Washington Post. For the last couple years, Brightest Young Things has run the scene at the Skyline, and many credit the website-cum-promotion group for transforming the Southwest D.C. hotel from cruddy to cool. Marvin general manager Sheldon Scott says the clubs hope to bring a "Miami South Beach" vibe to the popular party. Good thing I just had my white blazer sent to the dry cleaner.

Hate Me Now: Perhaps taking a cue from her indie-wise sister, beloved pop star Beyonce releases "Run the World (Girls)," which samples Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor." Fans loathe it; the single is smashed to particles on Twitter. But the pop&B singer can always release another "Single Ladies" and be forgiven. Banned-from-Cannes director Lars von Trier, however, is another story.

Swamp Song: TBD's Maura Judkis and photographer Joshua Yopsyn take a closer look inside the historic Uline Arena in Northeast D.C., where the Irish-American theater group Solas Nua is staging "Swampoodle." Playwright Tom Swift says, "I just want to reassure potential audiences that [the arena] doesn't smell."

Think Fast: Violinist Gil Shaham will perform very briefly at the Hirshhorn this afternoon. NPR Music is presenting the 15 minute concert, which will take place inside the Grazia Toderi exhibit at 3 p.m.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Jonathan L. Fischer reports on the latest fundraising attempt by Latristic (formerly Casper Bangs); Marcus Kyd's theater company Taffety Punk debuts new tracks from Kyd's brother, Ryan Nelson.

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  • David Burke

    Solas Nua is not a theater group and not Irish-American. They produce some theater but they are an art's organization and actually produce more film, art, literature and music events. Why do people always write "theater group"? Even when they produce the biggest Irish film festival in the US the Wash Post will say it was produced by the "theater group Solas Nua" when they don't call themselves a "theater group". Also they have never produced any American work and the Artistic Director is Irish. They're based in DC is that what you meant to say?

  • Ally Schweitzer

    David, yeah, Solas Nua describes itself as a contemporary Irish arts organization, so what you said about it not being a theater group is fair. It is an arts organization that produces theater.

    But Solas Nua is accurately described as Irish-American. It was founded by a mixed group of Irish and Americans. A large part of its staff is American. It regularly employs American actors. And now, it's producing a work ("Swampoodle") that is based on, among other things, an Irish experience in America. Irish-American is the only way I'd describe it.

  • Kara Norman

    The Abbey Theatre did a Sheppard play last year and used an American actor in it. Is the national theatre of Ireland now an Irish-American company? If they have a couple Polish people working in the box office then the national theatre of Ireland would be an Irish-American-Polish company. In the last few years the national theater's of England, Russia, France and Germany have not only done a play set in another country but even by a playwright from another country and regularly used actors from other countries. La Maison de Molière the French National Theatre should be described in print as "the Russian-UK-German and French company".

    And I bet every one of those companies have employees from other countries. So if it's true that this company has an Irish Artistic Director and only does work by Irish artists, then it should be described as an Irish company, it doesn't matter where the web designer or the person that does the bookkeeping is from. Have they ever produced a single play written by an American or shown a single movie directed by an American? If a restaurant in DC has a French owner and chef and the only serve French food but they have a couple of Mexicans working in the kitchen would you write in the CP that is was a French-Mexican restaurant?