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Arts Roundup: Crosshatched Edition

Hey, readers. What's in today's Washington Post? This non-subscriber has no clue, since the paper of record's redesigned website and recalibrated RSS feeds make browsing by section a haul. At least if that section is Style.

But the Washington Post people did one thing I liked this weekend: Five of their critics gave the august Kennedy Center a serious smackdown for programming a very safe 2011-2012 season. (Re the KenCen's current, apparently somewhat unsafe season: Dance critics from NYT and WaPo weighed in on the ongoing Maximum India festival.)

Speaking of WaPo takedowns (finally finding some Monday arts articles!): This TV review from Hank Stuever should make you (or at least me!) feel OK about how much you hate Montgomery County.

But seriously, folks. The WaPo site now looks like The Wall Street Journal, student newspaper edition. (If you're going to put columnist mug shots in black and white, you might as well go whole-hog and crosshatch them. Otherwise I'm just wondering what happened to the color budget.)

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  • SteveKiviat

    As of 9:15 am this morning the Washington Post Style section reviews (from 2 former City Paper contributors) of the Ex at Black Cat and Robert Glasper are only viewable by going page by page and stumbling across them in the pdf version accessible via the "today's paper" link. The reviews are not posted on Clcik Tracks yet, and are not reachable by going to "Entertainment" and then to "music".