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Arts Roundup: Constant (“Hide/Seek”) Comment Edition

Morning, D.C.

The National Portrait Gallery's "Hide/Seek"—which, you know, people were talking about late last year for some reason—closes after Sunday. WaPo's Jacqueline Trescott collects some of the comments visitors to the show have left, while Maura Judkis has a piece on What It All Means.

It has a very short run, so don't look for a review here; here's Peter Marks on certified badass Martin McDonagh's The Cripple of Inishmaan, staged by Ireland's Druid company and running through Saturday at the KenCen.

I reported back in November that DJ Gavin Holland was confident he'd won an ANC1a seat after a write-in campaign. He didn't win on a technicality, it seems, so he's running again for the seat in a special election at the end of this month.

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