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ToDo ToDay: Robyn + Röyksopp, Shabazz Palaces, and the Cowards Choir

Robyn is that rare pop star whose comeback actually eclipsed her debut. In 1997, the Swede who launched a million bleached-blonde asymmetrical haircuts got major radio play with Robyn Is Here, a feel-good collection of midtempo, R&B-tinged pop jams like “Do You Know (What It Takes),” a coquettish roller-rink classic. But after nearly a decade of [...]

Arts Roundup: “I’ll Be Doggone” Edition

Say goodbye to Shaw's Marvin Gaye mural—it's being built over by new construction. [Arts Desk]
Ras Nebyu's "Queens" is a call to end misogyny and nurture black solidarity. [Bandwidth]
D.C.'s best record labels [DCist]
Eleven Simpsons episodes D.C. residents (especially politics nerds) should watch during the FXX marathon [Washingtonian]
Justin Rice of Bishop Allen, who plays the Black Cat on Saturday, [...]

ToDo ToDay: X, Jacco Gardner, and Tasty Stories

Los Angeles, X’s brilliant 1980 debut record, may earn a knee-jerk shout-out in any punk history lesson, but it’s far from outdated. Just relisten to the runaway train of an opener that is “Your Phone’s Off The Hook, but You’re Not” or the rockabilly crunch of “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline” and you’ll find that [...]

Arts Roundup: Bao Bao Down, Bitches Edition

Viewed from the top of the Washington Monument, the National Portrait Gallery's fall installation made of dirt and sand will look like a big face. [Post]
Ian MacKaye on self-destruction, looking up to Ted Nugent, and why Dischord's still around after 33 years [Bandwidth]
Big surprise: Bao Bao won the Smithsonian's internal competition for the most iconic item in [...]

Photo: The Strypes at 9:30 Club

ToDo ToDay: The Winter’s Tale, GNGR, and Lots of Beer

By now, the whole Christmas in July thing is kind of a cliché, but The Winter’s Tale in August? That’s crazy talk! It’s not one of his more well-known plays, but Shakespeare’s comedy follows a classic formula: King gets jealous of his wife and his best friend, baby is abandoned by its parents, guy flees from bear—OK, [...]

Arts Roundup: Corcoran Split Edition

The court has spoken: The Corcoran is officially splitting in two. [Arts Desk]
A hard look at how some D.C. venues are selling disabled music fans short [Bandwidth]
Bands, we beseech you: Stop covering Fugazi's "Waiting Room." [Arts Desk]
While a busker's lawsuit against WMATA is pending, musicians can accept tips outside Metro stations. [D.C. Music Download]
Arby's is putting [...]

South African theatre troupe retells classics around the world

[sponsored post]
Director Mark Dornford-May arrived in South Africa in 2000 intending to stay for eight weeks to direct two productions. He has lived there ever since, co-founding and serving as Artistic Director of the Isango Ensemble, a unique performance troupe that revisits familiar classics, infusing them with music and dance reflecting South African heritage.
“I fell [...]

ToDo ToDay: Summer Hummer, Echo & the Bunnymen, and a Civil Rights Celebration

The Fringe Festival has concluded, and the fall season has yet to begin at most area theaters. Some local performers have a hard time staying still, so they’re using the downtime to mount a show in support of fellow actors in need. The annual cabaret and burlesque show “Summer Hummer: Ménage à Trois” allows the Helen [...]

Arts Roundup: Kyogre Edition

Beadwork as two-dimensional art, beyond the realm of traditional craft, at the Anacostia Community Museum [East City Art]
The architecture of CityCenterDC: "manicured, programmed, and under surveillance" [Post]
A tribute to the late Lida Moser, a pioneer of street-style photography who would have hated that label [Arts Desk]
This weekend's video game convention wasn't as packed as organizers had planned for. [...]