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Whoa! Robin Givhan and Blake Gopnik Leaving WaPo

The Twitters are already abuzz with the news and, of course, Michael Calderone has the memo: Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan and art critic Blake Gopnik are leaving the paper. The memo to staff from the Style section's editors gives almost no details on why Givhan is departing, but says that Gopnik is "now taking on a new opportunity in New York, the place he has long understood and explained but will now fully inhabit."

(We have, of course, noted that WaPo's arts critics sometimes seem to have their heads more in New York than here. "Fully inhabit" seems to suggest WaPo editors have noticed that, too.)

Both departures are, of course, huge losses for the Post. Givhan is a Pulitzer winner with a large following. Gopnik is a smart critic who's been killing it lately with his commentaries on the Smithsonian's removal of a David Wojnarowicz video. The ARTINFO blogger Tyler Green recently called Gopnik's Wojnarowicz coverage some of the best writing of his career.

But the big question, dear readers who are quite culturally attuned, is this: Who will be Givhan and Gopnik's replacements? Do speculate in the comments.

Read the memo here.

UPDATE | 6:12 p.m.: The New York Times says Givhan is leaving to work for Tina Brown, the soon-to-be-editor of the soon-to-be-merged Newsweek and Daily Beast.

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  • Wassup

    Can't be true, Tina Brown knows fashion. How did Robin Givhead get attached to a Pulitzer Prize? There has got to be a story there. Thankfully, the Post is cleaning out all the Sally Quinn dead weight. Finally firing Quinn was the best move yet.

  • Frank

    Word is that Robin will be replaced by another black lady with her head up Michelle Obama's butt.

    Blake will be replaced by another hypocritical homosexual who cries censorship if any "art" work attacking Christianity is removed but who is too much of a coward to condemn censorship involving any other religion, even those that would stone him to death.

  • thrub

    For the Gopnik job, I think Kriston Capps would be a terrific choice -- perhaps even better a writer than Gopnik himself, and far more focused on Washington's own art scene.