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Read the Police Barring Notices for Two National Portrait Gallery Protesters

On Saturday, two demonstrators were detained in the National Portrait Gallery. The Metropolitan Police Department officers who detained them told them that they were banned from setting foot on Smithsonian Institution property for life.

Read the barring notices issued by MPD below.

MPD issued barring notices to D.C. residents Mike Blasenstein and Mike Iavacone. Read them here (PDF).

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"If you return to this location, you may be subject to criminal prosecution for UNLAWFUL ENTRY," Blasenstein's barring notice reads. However, the barring notice for Iavacone specifies that he is banned merely from entering the location for 12 months.

Listed as the location in question: "Smithsonian Museums, Smithsonian American Art Museum." (The National Portrait Gallery shares the Old Patent Office building with the Smithsonian American Art Museum.)

Smithsonian Institution spokesperson Linda St. Thomas conveyed that this barring clearly referred to NPG/SAAM, the museums that share that building. She further noted, "Smithsonian security staff have no way to enforce citations."

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    there are about five ACLU's who would love to take such a notice on in court.

  • esquire

    public space. free speech. inherently NOT disorderly conduct.

  • American Rogue

    You know you acted-a-fool when you can only return when you're dead!!!!!

  • JJ

    DC cops run a muck yet again. had to pull out some of the old Jim Crow laws. WTF the banning order cites the wrong section of the DC code, they wanted § 22-3302. Unlawful entry on property [Formerly § 22-3102]. The current § 22-3102 pertains to prohibited sexual acts with a minor. I guess that shows how often it is used. Also 3302 for a public space requires "against the will of the lawful occupant " if NPG don't care then arresting them would be malicious prosecution. This seems like yet another $2 million law suit against the district waiting to happen.