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Arts Roundup: Fashion Week Edition

Morning, all. I'm not feeling particularly witty or pithy right now, so let's just get right to it and take a look at the world of arts and entertainment.

Remember that terrible song "Summer Girls" from the late '90s by that band with the weird acronym-y name, LFO? Well, the band's singer, Rich Cronin, died yesterday following a battle with leukemia. He was 36.

Fashion week is upon us, and the celebration's not confined to New York. Georgetown gets into the action tomorrow with its own version of Fashion's Night Out. Looks like some Real Housewives will even be involved.

If you're worried about dropping some serious cash at Georgetown's pricey boutiques, fear not: Tucker by Gaby Basora for Target goes on sale this weekend, and the collection's looking pretty darn cute. I'm especially digging the reversible vest, tie-front blouses, and three-quarter sleeve dresses. I know I'll be setting my alarm clock to hit up Target's website early on Sunday.

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  • mike

    Rich just turned 35 two weeks ago. Summer girls was a hit, couldn't be too terrible. Have some respect...

  • Gene


    I hope that, upon your passing, journalist scumbags such as yourself give rise to the same staggering lack of taste that you've just displayed. You ignorant twat.