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Cara Cottle Trial: Jury Trial Set for Nov. 1

The news out of this morning's process hearing for Caralee Cottle, the woman charged with the second-degree murder of prominent Washington goth Dirk Smiler: It'll be a jury trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court, according to the clerk's office. The trial begins Nov. 1 at 10 a.m.

Cottle was released on bond in May.

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  • David

    Isn't that unusual, letting a murder suspect out on bail for 6 months? I'm no lawyer, but that seems... reckless.

  • Diana

    They most likely let her out on bond based on her ties to the community, the fact that she is not a flight risk, her lack of previous criminal record, among other things. She never tried to flee, she never tried to cover up what happened. Cara Cottle is not a threat to society and deserves the Constitutional right of "innocent until proven guilty" just like everyone else. I believe that it very well may be a case of self defense.