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Arts Roundup: ‘Obama Doesn’t Know What Pitchfork Is’ Edition


Morning, folks! Brief Roundup this morning—I was at a wedding in New Hampshire over the weekend, and the bulk of my arts consumption was listening to the outro to Akron/Family’s “Gravelly Mountains of the Moon” over and over and over on the platform at DCA, because it is just so damn good.

Here’s some other stuff I ran across, though:

-A pretty milquetoast profile of country pop star Brad Paisley. (Not available in full online, but here's the abstract.) Writer Kelefa Sanneh takes a swipe at discrediting the schism between the hard-livin’, whiskeybreath troubadors of Hank Williams/Townes Van Zandt-era country music and the post-Garth Brooks, corporate, uber-bourguois, teetolating, nonthreatening chick-flick fluff purveyed by Paisley and his contemporaries by explaining that country music has always been “about entertainment.” Hm.

-Chelsea Clinton’s gummy smile on every newspaper cover in every Hudson News, especially the dailies in LaGuardia. But good for this blogger for pointing out the nuptials of a more culturally significant celebrity daughter.

-A bunch of people who agreed with Tricia Olszewski’s unflattering appraisal of Dinner for Shmucks. A bad comedy is always such a greater sin when it teases you with Paul Rudd. It’s like finding out the beautiful, totally cool girl you have a crush on is dating a douche.

-Obama’s press liaison doesn’t like Weezy, and Obama doesn’t know what Pitchfork is, according to this meta-blogger (and this meta-meta-blog post.)

Sorry for the haterade today, folks. Too much time in airports.

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