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Arts Roundup: The ‘Still Lost, to be Honest’ Edition

Morning everyone. It’s another dreary April May Monday. Hope everyone slept well and no one was rudely awoken at 3:43 a.m. by the sound of a shrieking, dying bird. At least, I hope that’s what it was and not a human.

Last night’s million-hour long Lost series finale was captivating (I skipped Kendra) for someone who hasn’t managed to watch the show in its entirety. I only ever got through the first 8 episodes with my old roommate in college–I had to go to class, he finished the season. I refused to watch it alone–weak heart–so that’s how that story went. Initial reaction when the credits rolled? I don’t get it. So, shit happens, we get feelings for people, nothing’s ever really explained and then we all die. I thought I was watching TV, J. J. Abrams!

Speaking of, the CW’s fall lineup! Life Unexpected (you have to watch it) is coming back! One Tree Hill lives on–think it’s time for grandchildren? And Melrose Place is dead–eh.

Sad news. Husband of deceased actress Brittany Murphy was found dead late Sunday. And as funny as Black people are, Common still cannot act.

But the DC Record Fair looked like a good time, Jesse James is weeping and Kanye is payin' off his bitches.

I thought I'd take it back with this morning's video. Have a good week!

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  • gdmt

    WOW. "And as funny as Black people are, Common still cannot act." As funny as black people are? Are all black people really funny? This is like invoking 19th century minstrel shows. Does someone's skin color make you laugh or do they somehow have a comedic gift that non-blacks lack? Racist.

  • Kim Chi Ha

    Hey Gdmt. My apologies. I did not mean to offend or come off as racist. I just meant, all of my friends who happen to be black are all funny. And by funny, I mean the jokes they have. That's where that came from.