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Cara Cottle Trial: Cottle, Charged in Murder of Dirk Smiler, Granted $50,000 Bond

After a lengthy preliminary hearing in Caralee Cottle's trial for the murder of Dirk Smiler, Cottle has been granted bond and could be released as soon as today. During the probable cause hearing in Fairfax's Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, Cottle's attorney, Peter Greenspun, asked that his motion for bond, which had previously been denied, be re-heard.

Greenspun argued that since the last bond hearing Cottle has been undergoing mental health assessment and attending a day treatment program, so because of that and her standing in the community, plus the fact that she didn't run after she was questioned the night of Smiler's death and later turned herself in when charged with second-degree, he said she's clearly not a flight risk and asked that bond be set.

Following several hours and testimonies, including from one of Cottle's and Smiler's former roommates, Judge Kimberly J. Daniel agreed there was probable cause and set Cottle's bond at $50,000.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Mark J. Sullivan said that the prosecution hasn't yet decided whether to appeal the bond ruling.

If the bond is met, Sullivan said, Cottle could be released as soon as today. "With the connections she has," Sullivan said, he didn't think that would be a problem for her, an apparent reference to Richard A. Viguerie, the conservative direct-mail pioneer for whom Cottle used to work.

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  • anonymous

    Any bond for a defendant charged with murder is ridiculous. A $50,000 bond for a defendant charged with murder is a preposterous. I hope the judge ordered her to surrender her passport and probation is tracking her with electronic monitoring. Failing that, let's hope she doesn't decide that Algeria is lovely this time of year...

    A small white woman with the most expensive defense attorney in the Commonwealth shot an artsy guy with a funny rifle and got a $50,000 bond. If a black guy shot his girlfriend with a handgun in a domestic dispute and had a public defender, would there be any chance at all that he would be released pre-trial?

  • Grumpy

    The 'Color of Justice' strikes again

    whites get bond/rehab/meds/counseling because they need 'help'

    Others get the opposite because they are 'born criminals'

    How different would this story be if the headline was 'When Quita shot De'shaun'?

  • Anita

    Hell 2 the no!

  • friend of dirk

    must be nice to be a female "escort" with connected family

  • Annyo 2

    This is a disgusting demonstration of bias and corruption of our judicial system at work. The defendant is a suspect for second degree murder, for God's sake. If she's not a risk to the community, I'm not sure who is. I am appalled!

  • Friend of Dirk

    Cara: Once a marine, always a marine, ah? Execution style. Self-defense, sure, marine. Your a disgrace to your family, community and your country. You will not be carried by six, but you will be judged by 12. And we will be there.

  • Krimson

    No matter the shortfalls of our desperately flawed justice system – karma cannot be escaped…

  • insider

    She is a huge disgrace. If she was any kind of human she would of stayed close to her kids, even if she couldn't have them, not many miles away from them, to party. Dirk would still be alive, if she would of been a mother. White, black, green or purple, she needs to be put away. This is not a racial issue, its a issue about some crazy B taking someone elses life away from his kids, family, friends etc. Which he should not be judged in anyway how he lived his life. God gives all of us life to live it the way we want. No one should see color, or lifestyle in this issue, they should see sadness, loss, pain, and some crazy lady running loose on the corner trying to find another man to point a gun at.

  • Melissa

    1st - Cara was granted bond because she is not a flight risk or a danger to others.

    2nd - Dirk was hardly a father to any of his kids. SO who is anyone to judge Cara about her parenting or lack thereof. In that sense, they were probably perfect for each other. Deadbeat parents flock together.

    3rd - Justice is blind to race, sexual orientation, handicap, everything except money. If you can get the money for a good attorney you are better off. Has nothing to do with color. I know of a black mam who got off a murder charge because he had the money for an attorney (no, not OJ. This was in FFX CO)

    4th - If Cara is guilty of Murder, she will get her punishment. No one was in that room except her and Dirk, so no one knows exactly how it went down. Let the evidence do the talking and let the jury decide. This is America and every single one of us has that right.

    5th - Everyone seems to speak of Dirk like he was royalty. In My Opinion, anyone who does not take care of their kids is a Piece of Shit. He chose to party, do drugs and have sex over raising his children.