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Arts Roundup: ‘Cirque du Jackson’ Edition

513xFmDQHdL._SL500_AA300_*Esquire makes a list of the 75 greatest women of all time with everyone from authors (Judy Blume) to rock legends (Janis Joplin) to philosophers (Sappho). But they list Kelly Clarkson as "the best voice in the history of pop music." While I enjoy Clarkson and think she's talented, Esquire: meet hyperbole.

*Cirque du Soleil announces it'll be making a Michael Jackson-themed show for next year's tour. The show may feature unreleased songs and remixes (though God only knows what the masks and makeup will look like.)

*Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert extend their contracts with Comedy Central through 2012 and 2013, respectively. Stewart and Colbert remaining on TV, Conan O'Brien back in November of this year... my faith in television comedy is restored.

*WaPo's Going Out Gurus report Sixth & I Historic Synagogue is adding a music venue in its downstairs area (literally called "Downstairs"), complete with cash bar. The venue won't be in full use until after the summer, but the soft launch is this week.

*Alan Cumming drops out of the Green Goblin role for the Spider-Man Broadway musical, further confirming my belief that Julie Taymor's long-awaited adaptation of the movie for the stage will either be amazing or suck really hard (...emphasis on the latter).

*With Sam Mendes out of the picture for the new James Bond movie, he's now reportedly in talks to direct the Oz The Great and Powerful movie, an offshoot of The Wizard of Oz stories. Robert Downey, Jr. is currently the first choice to play the Wizard. So. freaking. awesome.

*Legendary Gang Starr MC Keith "Guru" Elam loses his battle with cancer at the age of 43.

*Several Hispanic musicians including Shakira, Juanes, and Alejandro Sanz release a song and music video to raise awareness about Haiti entitled "Ay Haití!" (And it's much better than the "We Are the World" remake.)

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  • jc

    This song was fantastic…it was original, and much better than the Spanish version of we are the world (“somos el mundo”) who all sang off key and no one from the Iberian Peninsula was invited to participate. In this song not only is it the best and brightest of Spain and IberoAmerica it also included many other stars and soccer player who ALL let go of their moral rights to allow this project to go through, unlike we are the world. iTunes appears to be the only party that refuses to give up their ip rights which is unfortuante.