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Leitko Selected for Best Music Writing 2010

"The Orange Line Revolution," Aaron Leitko's December 2009 story about punk houses in Arlington, has been selected for inclusion in Best Music Writing 2010. The piece takes a look at Kansas House, as well as some group homes associated with local indie labels and movements, such as Dischord, Simple Machines, and Positive Force. As Leitko writes in the introduction, the story is a "look back at when Arlington was punk." I edited the story, and I'm an extremely minor character in it. But that's not why I'm proud of it–I'm happy that such a good writer is getting recognized for such a good piece. Congrats, Aaron.

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  • Mike

    That's awesome. Great piece.

  • Tim Carman

    It's about damn time! Congrats, Leitko.

  • Mike Riggs

    Hell yes.

  • matt

    here, here! excellent job.

  • Amanda Hess


  • Cisneros

    Yeah man!