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Cara Cottle, Girlfriend of Dirk Smiler, Charged in Slain Goth’s Murder


The girlfriend of Dirk Smiler, the prominent figure in Washington's goth scene who was slain in February, was charged with murder and arrested today, the Washington Post reports this afternoon and the Fairfax County Police Department has confirmed.

Caralee Cottle turned herself in to Fairfax Police Det. Robert A. Bond outside the Fairfax jail around 12:15 p.m., after being notified of the arrest warrant this morning, WaPo's Tom Jackman reports. Cottle, 31, was accompanied by her mother Viola Shields and her attorney Peter D. Greenspun, the prominent Virginia criminal-defense attorney whose more famous clients include the sportscaster Marv Albert and the Beltway sniper John Muhammad. Cottle will be arraigned tomorrow.

Smiler died of a gunshot wound to the head in the Annandale home he shared with Cottle and four others on Feb. 15, following an argument with Cottle, 31, who is a former Marine. According to sources familiar with that evening's events, a bang erupted from Cottle and Smiler's room around 10:30 p.m. Moments later, Cottle emerged naked and covered in blood.

A call to the Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney was not immediately returned.

Contacted just before 12 p.m. today, Cottle declined to comment. "Go to hell," she said.

Mugshot courtesy of the Fairfax County Police Department.

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  • ClintJCL

    It's about friggin' time. And what a classy response.

  • Kerri

    That was EXACTLY my thought, Clint.

  • DJCosmoKunkel

    I wonder what the actual charges are. Being charged with murder can go many different ways.

  • jfc1

    ...heh...he must have told her to smile, one time too many.

  • chablis

    this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better

  • Jen

    It's about time!!! SO glad she is finally put away - I hope she stays there after murdering our Friend & Brother! Hopefully she will never be able to hurt anyone else again!

  • pekh

    a classy response indeed. I'd rather not follow her advice though, i don't want to be around her.

  • Dianna

    WOW, thats just crazy


    This was premeditated murder IMO and she will most likely try to plead temp-insanity. From looking at all the facts she probably won't get off and will be convicted of first degree murder...unless the commonwealth F's up the case. Personally, I think she has some major issues but she should get the death penalty.


  • Richard A.D.


  • Rita

    GOTH-LAWYER - I'm curious what facts you are referring to? I read a few articles about this case and I haven't seen many facts, just a lot of opinion. Obviously, there must be some evidence if she was charged. What is it?

  • Kureel

    been waiting and waiting for this..... rest easy my brother

  • Claire


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  • black sun


    Fact, Cottle was a former US Marine SGT
    Fact, bolt action rifles take more effort to load and fire than required for starting the average car (yit's tough to say, knock one over and set it off)
    Fact, Marines don't play around with collectible firearms and accidentally discharge them unless the US Military is training them to be IDIOTS nowadays

  • Janeia

    Now he can rest...Miss you Dirk.

  • dwnicolo

    Curioser and curioser......

  • Soldier

    I've got a fact for you - soldier are trained in gun safety. You don't put a gun at someone unless you mean to kill them, and you don't put your finger on the trigger unless you mean to fire.

  • sondra

    I hope justice will really be served, we miss our friend and brother!

  • April

    Remember, Innocent until proven guilty.

  • kathy

    Hell is where this celebrity-lawyer-represented jealous psycho will be.

  • Stupid

    Sounds like a bunch of losers to me. Him and his girls.

  • MicLitter

    Hey, STUPID, go eat some feces or something... I think YOU'RE the loser here if you have to troll around mocking a murder victim you don't even know. IF you knew Dirk, or met him, he would have taken you in like a BROTHER, regardless what a thimble-sized penis of an individual you are.
    Dirk was FAR from PERFECT, he himself would smirkingly tell you so. People are apinting him up like a patron saint of the disposessed or something, now that he's gone, and he, himself would have laughed his ass off at the fact. He wouldn't have cared about your opinion anyway, you can smooch a sphinc if you somehow believe he's your inferior.

  • RIP-L

    @STupid - Go fuck yourself

  • Paleo

    The charge is likely 2nd degree murder: an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable "heat of passion."During discovery, the charge can be elevated to 1st degree murder (premeditated) or reduced to voluntary manslaughter (heat of passion/without malice).

    i think in this case, 2nd degree murder is the highest charge possible, unless it can be proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the victims death was planned in advance (for example, the murderer loaded the gun prior to the shooting in preparation, or otherwise ambushed the victim).

  • Paleo

    In Virginia, the penalty for 2nd degree murder is 5 to 40 years. First degree is 20 to life. Given that she has a prominent lawyer, even if convicted, don't expect to see her off the streets for long.

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  • tommy

    holy shit. this is what i get when i search for a friend i havent seen in 12 years? i grew up with this girl.