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Arts Roundup: Rabbit Hole Edition

*Nobody seems to be able to get through a review of Alice in Wonderland without invoking a rabbit-hole metaphor. The Washington Post's Ann Hornaday likes it, though.

*The Washington Post's Monica Hesse profiles Cruella DeVille. Wait, I'm sorry, that's bestselling romance writer Danielle Steele. Apparently she has a pretty great sense of humor.

*The battle over the future of streaming music sites is heating up. Will revenue be subscription or ad-based? Will people prefer nested applications or clouds? Will musicians actually get a dime out of it? The Guardian weighs the pros and cons of subscription-based streaming music sites MOG and Spotify. If you live in The United States then the battle is already won, though. Spotify is not yet available to Americans.

*Comic-book stores are rife with manga cuties, but if you're looking for illustrated smut with an intellectual edge Slate just reviewed a graphic novel interpretation of Story of the O.

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    Indeed, this "Alice in Wonderland" is NOT your traditional Alice. But, the filming and effects are awesome. They really did a great job! As usual, Johnny Depp gives one of his impressive performances.