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This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Selling Novels with Prog, Salinger’s Portrait, Fan Death

This week ended with snow, but it also ended with PROG—in the form of “Song of the Great Kataklysm,” which author Jeffrey Rotter recorded with a number of D.C. punk-rock vets to promote his recent novel. We also looked at an eerie J.D. Salinger portrait, and people remained upset about Fan Death. But their ire's nothing a snowball fight won't fix: Go play outside, folks!

  1. D.C. Punk Vets Record Prog-Rock Song to Promote Novel
  2. Robert Vickrey's Salinger Portrait: A Myopic Reading
  3. Photos: Epica @ Jaxx
  4. Fan Death Records to D.C. Bands: "Stop Sucking"
  5. Fan Death to D.C.: "We stand 100% behind what we said."
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