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Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.

rpm3_face_overlay_biggerRob Myers (Fort Knox Five, Thievery Corporation):

-Selecting tracks w/ Raskin for the FK5 set in Bmore @ Solstice. 60 min of hits! On the mic: Asheru, Mustafa, Rootz & Z, it's hard to choose!

-2:40am Frank Mitchell behind the wheel of 1 of 60 extant US Lamborghini "Nera"s in front of ESL after See-I. Whaaa?!

-Bryan Ferry selects FK5's Dodge City Rockers for his latest Beatport chart. Now circle is complete! (via @sidbarcelona)

tmo_headshot_bw_biggerTravis Morrison:

-"Don't practice. If you practice, it happens there, and I want it to happen here." Miles Davis to Herbie Hancock

-is in a relationship with Janet Jackson's greatest hits and it's DEFINITELY complicated.

sedgwickEdie Sedgwick:

-Why are they called "baby names?" They should just be called "names."

-Playin' poker with Marlon Brando circa "Don Juan de Marco." He's really in his fat phase...

kingpenKingpen Slim:

-This that picturesque snow but it ain't hurting nothing my windsheild wipers brushed it off like *yawn*

-watching old biggie interviews in between ready to die and life after death to soak in the greatness

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