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Shudder to Tweet

kingpenKingPen Slim:

-I'm dropping pops off in g town & he says in his thick west Indian accent "I was shopping here when niggas were wearing polyester and shit"

-Need to punch you in the mouth with a Listerine boxing glove

-I got #attentiondeficit on Itunes, on the leak and I need to cop out the store to complete the trifecta


-The last few weeks have easily been the busiest of the year. Feels good to be in the final stages of the album releasing process though!

-Got word that a few of my recent tracks will be on the show Styl'd airing on @MTV in Nov. Stay tuned for more info!

foul_swoops_red_lounge_normalFoul Swoops:

-after playing a lot of NBA Live 2001 over the last few days I've come to the conclusion that Foye is a young Alvin Williams.

-the verizon center is as empty as a foul swoops show.

EdieEdie Sedgwick:

-Bulgarian guy on 4-pack/day cigarette habit: "We all have to die someday."

-All the vegan vampires here in Macedonia hot to trot in re: tofu-flavored blood.

-Free barf bags on this tour through your aesthetic.

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