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On Hallow’s Eve, Georgetown’s Exorcist Steps Get Official Recognition

Hundreds gather to watch D.C. officials commemorate the "Exorcist" steps.

The Sundance Kid: The Middleburg Film Festival Wants to Be the D.C. Area’s Best

How Sheila Johnson and Susan Koch brought Hollywood to Middleburg.

Black Cat Will Screen All Three Back to the Future Movies Tonight

In honor of "Back to the Future" Day.

The Air and Space Museum Will Screen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

And it's not sold out yet!

Breathe, Reviewed

Mélanie Laurent’s second directorial effort is a portrait of what can happen when mean girls go too far.

Director Cary Fukunaga on Beasts of No Nation and Releasing a Film Simultaneously in Theaters and on Netflix

"Maybe the film will be a complete failure, and no one will go see it in a cinema? Who knows?"

Assassination is a Revelation for Korean Cinema

This beautiful, historical epic is both a landmark and a rediscovery of form.

Call Me Lucky Charts Barry Crimmins’ Journey From Comic to Anti-Abuse Activist

In this film, you’ll become acquainted with a profane, irritable saint.

After the Genius of The Act of Killing, The Look of Silence Bores

An Indonesian optometrist treats the men who perpetrated the genocide that claimed his brother.

“Wiccan, Yes. Dirty Hippie, Fuck No”: An Ex-Con Reviews Orange is the New Black Season 3, Episode 2

"They would have put Michelle Obama through the same treatment if she were in there."