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In Latest X-Men Film, Watch Magneto Destroy RFK Stadium


In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest installment of the uber-lucrative Marvel Comics franchise, RFK Stadium gets it. Really gets it, in fact, as DC Sports Bog pointed out earlier this week. As you can see in the clip embedded below, Magneto (Michael Fassbender) descends into the stadium and then—you know, using his mutant powers of magnetism—rips it from the field and levitates it.

What follows—I saw last night's press screening, lucky me—ranks pretty high among the classic examples of Washington cinematic destruction: As Richard Nixon (!) prepares to lead a demonstration of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots on the Ellipse, Magneto drops RFK from the sky, trapping the White House in a ring of metal and concrete.

While Days of Future Past doesn't showcase D.C. as extensively as this summer's Captain America sequel, a handful of its scenes are set in the area, including a de rigueur congressional hearing and a rather extravagant Pentagon break-in. The production did actually film at RFK, a spokeswoman for the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development says, and took some aerial shots in the District. On its application for filming permits in D.C., Fox U.S. Productions 23, Inc. reported "a $62,350K spend in the District including hotel, wages, rentals, and other services," the film office's Leslie Green writes. The film shot in D.C. for five days. (The movie also reportedly shot footage in Montreal's Olympic Stadium, as the Post points out.)

One lingering question, then: If the film is set in 1973, and the Washington Senators moved to Texas to become the Rangers in 1971, why does this RFK contain a baseball diamond? Armchair D.C. baseball historians, your chance at glory lies in the comments below.

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  • knyght_16

    It gets worse than that. The Paris Peace Accords, which play a prominent role in the film, took place in January 1973. Forgetting for the moment that Washington is usually pretty cold in January, who the heck is playing baseball at that time of year?
    No help with football either. The Washington Redskins made it to the Super Bowl in 72-73, but lost to the Dolphins in Los Angeles on January 14, before the Paris Peace Accords were signed.
    I have issues with this, and yet I have no problems swallowing the whole "time-travelling mutant with super-fast healing" thing. Shoot me now. :p

  • Sketchee

    This is an alternate timeline especially considering that the real RFK was not destroyed. The events of X-Men First Class in Cuba obviously caused the Senators to not leave until a few years later and delayed the Paris Peace Accords until warmer weather hit DC