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Eli Janney Drafted for Seth Meyers’ Late Night Band


Eli Janney (front, shown with Girls Against Boys) will join Seth Meyers' late-night band.

Girls Against Boys member, studio engineer, and D.C. native Eli Janney has joined the house band for Seth Meyers' new late-night talk show. Janney will play keyboards in the group led by Portlandia co-creator and SNL vet Fred Armisen.

Meyers tweeted a photo of the new ensemble—called the 8G Band With Fred Armisen—yesterday afternoon. Also joining the ranks are Les Sevy Fav members Seth Jabour (guitar) and Syd Butler (bass) and Beyoncé drummer Kim Thompson.

Janney will also fill the crucial role of The Other Guy With Statement Glasses.

Late Night With Seth Meyers premieres Feb. 24 on NBC.

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