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Alamo Drafthouse Is Coming to Loudoun County. Will It Be Worth the Drive?

Alamo Drafthouse & CinemaIt may be a skip and hop away from D.C., but Loudoun County's "One Loudoun" mixed-used development just announced news sure to delight movie geeks—it's getting a 34,000 square-foot Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

While the Alamo is known for its (really, really great) custom-made movie posters and enforcing strict policies about texting and talking, it's also widely considered one of the best movie-theater chains in the country. Per the press release:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema combines in-theater dining, drinks, films and events, all under one roof ... The theater is the brainchildof Tim and Karrie League who dreamed of opening a neighborhood theater that would provide the community with a great place to come together for entertainment as well as a second home to all movie fans.

The release goes on to tout how Loudoun County's Alamo will be "the first in the Washington, DC market area," which is true, but awfully deceptive. The Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse and AFI's Silver Theatre, while unaffiliated with the Austin-based Alamo, are magnitudes closer to D.C. and offer many of the same theatrical quirks and inspired screenings.

So yes, it's cool that Loudoun county can boast about landing an Alamo Drafthouse. But maybe don't call it a D.C. one.

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  • G.Friday

    I work across from One Loudoun, and it's going to be a long, long time 'til this opens. They're still breaking ground for the storm drains.

  • Ashlee

    Your title makes it clear that you've never been to an Alamo Drafthouse :) Living in DC just DRASTICALLY improved for Texans/Austinites living in the DMV!!

  • Victoria

    Loudon county Virginia is NOT DC. As someone who lives in the city I don't consider this remotely close. What a surprising shame that such a cool chain is going to open in some crap, build to order housing development. One of many in VA.

  • Mark

    I guess the Washington City Paper will stop covering the "Washington" Redskins for fear you might being misleading.

  • burndude

    Wow! I never thought the City Paper could possibly be this condescending! So the home to the Washington Redskins, Dulles International Airport and the new expansion of Metrorail are not part of the DC metro region?

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