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Memorial Service, Funeral for Joe Barber Set for This Week

Local TV and radio personality Joe Barber died a week ago at 53, and as the news spread, it quickly became clear—in articles' comments sections, in appreciations on local radio—how big an impact he'd had on Washingtonians.

This week, his co-workers, friends, and family are paying their respects. According to Barber's friend Joan Kraft, a memorial is scheduled for Wednesday at the DeVol Funeral Home in Cathedral Heights, due to its close proximity to WTOP's offices. Visitation will take place from 5 to 7 p.m., with a remembrance service beginning immediately after and running until 8 p.m.

The funeral will take place Thursday at National Harmony Memorial Park in Landover. It's tentatively scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

For many years, Barber was a fixture of local entertainment coverage, serving as WTOP's entertainment editor and appearing frequently on WETA's Around Town to discuss film.

Friends have established the Joe Barber Memorial Fund to help pay for funeral expenses. Donations will be accepted at the services, which are open to the public.

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  • Missin’ Joe Barber

    I never met Joe Barber, but he was a friend of mine.

    I looked forward to hearing his voice and his reviews every Saturday morning on WTOP.

    There was nothing snobbish about him. He was everyman, assuming everyman was intelligent, interesting, and well-spoken.

    I will miss my friend Joe Barber.

    I wish I had actually met him. He always seemed like a great guy.

  • JS

    I didn't know Joe had died until my alarm went off at its usual time Saturday morning (7:30), and the news anchor led into a very nice remembrance from his nephew and, I think, sister-in-law. I'm going to miss his reviews. I first heard him on David Byrd's weekend (and later, weekday) show on the Washington Post radio station (I enjoyed that station and regret that I never got an Arbitron number from David). He seemed like a great guy-very informative, opinionated, and passionate, but an everyday kind of guy, unlike many critics.

  • Matt Neufeld

    I was fortunate to actually know Joe, and I knew him well. For several years, I and some other friends regularly, consistently, attended a film discussion group hosted by Joe and Bill Henry at the Columbia, Md., Borders, and after every monthly discussion, a group of us would go out to dinner. Well, we did that regularly for several years, so we all got to know each other pretty well. I also saw Joe out and about at various film events, and we'd always have a healthy discussion about film. Joe and Bill also hosted the popular "Trailer Park" seasonal screening events, and we'd all head out to dinner after those, too, again, for several years. You could always count on a good, solid, knowledgable discussion about film with Joe. He was a nice guy, he was a good guy, he was a great guy. He was knowledgable, educated and well-versed in film and film history. He will be missed, but not soon forgotten. Thanks for the memories, Joe. --Matt Neufeld.

  • Bird

    He has a nephew, his brother had a child with a women, but he and the women never married, in fact the newphew and the women had no contact with Joe Barber up until know

  • Diane

    I use to listen to my cousin on the radio many times while caring for his brother who died the same day as Joe a year ago. "Your Family Loves You"