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This Week in Film: Kick-Ass and The Secret in Their Eyes

1271283284_m_shortsb_16Though Kick-Ass is named after its titular teen protagonist's superhero alter ego, it is another character—an 11-year old girl named Mindy—who steals the show. Chloe Moretz plays Mindy/Hit-Girl, daughter of Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy and ultimate comrade to Dave Lizewski's Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson). Lizewski's back story and lone fights are nothing to write home about and may disappoint the expectations of the fans of Mark Millar's original graphic novel. Graphic yet realistic fight scenes showcase Hit-Girl in perfect form, beating down hordes of men five times her age. Though the film is supposed to center on the troubles and desires of Lizewski to become a popular crime-fighter, sweet, baby-faced Mindy is the one audiences will remember as the true superhero of Kick-Ass.

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1271283284_m_shortsa_16Writer-director Juan José Campanella's adaptation of Eduardo Sacheri's novel of the same name possesses a self-awareness that most directors would kill for. The film, this year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, covers themes ranging from police corruption to lost love. The film's story, about a man (Ricardo Darín) obsessed with a years-old murder investigation, boasts believable characters and an eloquent script, approaching the crime with wit and subtlety. It's no wonder the Argentinian film scooped up one of the film industry's highest honors.

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