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In Theaters This Week

A week brimming with creeps and killing, and it's not even Halloween:

Law Abiding Citizen: A slasher disguised as a psychological thriller that's disturbing on many levels, from its lack of a hyphen to its lack of taste, logic, and entertainment value.

The Stepfather: A remake of the 1987 thriller, opening cold. Shocker!

Where the Wild Things Are: Spike Jonze's adaptation of the 10-sentence children's classic. Amusingly, it's been described as "not really for children."

New York, I Love You: Another multistory valentine to another beloved city. Natalie Portman directs one of the segments — proceed with caution.

More Than a Game: Follows five young basketball players from Akron, Ohio—including the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James—as they sweat from obscurity to championships.

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