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Music Doc: Beyond Ipanema @ AFI Wed, Thurs

As part of their Latin American Film Festival, AFI Theatre in Silver Spring is screening the documentary Beyond Ipanema: Brazilian Waves in Global Music. The film takes a look at the continuing international fascination with music from Brazil.

"For decades Brazilian music has captivated audiences worldwide. What makes Brazilian music such a powerful force? Why does bossa nova still lure DJs and producers 50 years after it was created? Why does the Tropicália movement resonate so deeply with the alternative-rock crowd?"

Hopefully they will answer answer some harder questions about Brazilian music as well, like "why does Devandra 'Sandra' Bernhard think he's Caetano Veloso?" and "was the anus-marble from the cover of Todos Os Olhos ever fully retrieved?"

The film features Veloso, David Byrne, Creed Taylor, Os Mutantes, Bebel Gilberto, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Thievery Corporation, M.I.A. and more. We already missed the centerpiece screening this past Saturday, but they've thankfully added two more: 7:45 on Wed. and 7 on Thurs. Director Béco Dranoff will be appearing at the second showing.

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  • stevekiviat

    I saw it Saturday night. Unlike a Bossa Nova documentary I saw at the DC Filmfest a few years ago that featured more old footage and performance clips, this one is more interested in simply having Barnhart and Thievery and David Byrne tell you they like Brazilian music. It's frustrating if you're hoping to see and hear the performers they are enthusing about. There's great footage of a Harlem samba school, funny Tom Ze interviews, Carmen Miranda, Bonde de Role and a spotlight on NYC record store Tropicalia in Furs. But the directors should be ashamed for having information on Pitchfork's interest in Brazilian music while not mentioning Jorge Ben or Elis Regina or the leading lights of funk carioca. The Arto Lindsay interview segments are more enlightening than the numerous David Byrne ones. It's a seriously flawed effort (that may succeed in appealing more to young indie-rock purists just discovering international sounds), but still worth seeing if you're interested in bossa nova, samba, tropicalia, or funk inspired crossover stuff.

  • noz

    thanks. you saved me $10.