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Area Nerd Competes Against Fellow Geeks on TBS Reality Show

"I learned that alliances are very important, and that I had to like Little Caesar’s pizza."

The Post‘s Arts Reporter Is Also a TV Historian

Geoff Edgers explores museums' nuclear guns, bugles, and horseshoes in Secrets of the Arsenal.

The Babadook, Reviewed

Noah Wiseman’s turn as a young boy struggling with emotions he can’t understand goes beyond the horror requirement that a child be pale and say unwittingly chilly things.

Watch a New D.C.-Based Murder Mystery Web Series,Green Vespers

“Ironically, I very rarely use Twitter—but I always use my twatter.”

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1, Reviewed

It’s the dystopi-est installment of this dystopian series, all concrete, gray jumpsuits, and rain.

The Better Angels, Reviewed

The Better Angels portrays a young Abraham Lincoln and aims to unveil the factors that shaped the president in his formative years. At the end of its 95 minutes, the answer is clear: trees.
So, so many trees. Always towering, with the camera aimed skyward. To set the scene of 1817 Indiana? Trees. Abe’s mother gets sick? Trees. [...]

Nightcrawler, Reviewed

Is this crook-turned-journalist an earnest underdog just trying to make a living, or a sociopath who's driven to succeed at all costs?

Local Music Photographer Gets Soiled in a New Art Film

Watch Melinda Diachenko get Michael Andrade chained and dirt-faced in a video from two other D.C. photogs.

Citizenfour, Reviewed

Laura Poitras' doc about meeting Edward Snowden and revealing the NSA's spying scheme is more riveting than any fictional thriller.

The Blue Room, Reviewed

As in Venus in Fur, Mathieu Amalric plays a successful, sly man who is nonetheless easily played by a woman cunningly using her sexuality.