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Assassination is a Revelation for Korean Cinema

This beautiful, historical epic is both a landmark and a rediscovery of form.

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After the Genius of The Act of Killing, The Look of Silence Bores

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“Wiccan, Yes. Dirty Hippie, Fuck No”: An Ex-Con Reviews Orange is the New Black Season 3, Episode 2

"They would have put Michelle Obama through the same treatment if she were in there."

This Wednesday: Watch TV-One’s Unsung Documentary on Chuck Brown

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Who Does This Show Empower? An Ex-Con Reviews Orange is the New Black Season 3, Episode 1

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Coming This Fall: A Film on D.C.’s Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Four young locals talk about the challenges of undocumented life in D.C.

What Your Summer Outdoor Film Series Says About Your Neighborhood

Nine to Five captures the workaday gloom of Golden Triangle, and AdMo should show pizza-themed flicks.

In Marie’s Story, an Uneven Take on the Astounding Story of a Deaf-Blind French Girl

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The Foo Fighters Will Be David Letterman’s Last Musical Guests Ever

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