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This “Shit People From D.C. Say” Video is Amazingly Accurate

At this point, you're probably tired of all the "Shit People Say" videos. But set that aside for a second. Released Thursday, comedians Eddie Bryant and Lamont King introduced their own hilarious version of the popular video, called "Shit People From D.C. Say." In all honesty, it could easily be called "Shit Black People From D.C. Say." (Before you get bent out of shape, I'm black, so tell Jesse Jackson you'll call him back.)

Of particular note: Lamont's struggles to catch a cab, the 15 handshakes it takes to end a conversation, and the "I'm from Southeast, baby! ... Well, but really I grew up in Largo" line. All actual shit heard in D.C., and all accurately depicted here.

Eddie Bryant and Lamont King perform Monday at the Riot Act Comedy Theater, 801 E St. NW. $25.

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  1. #1

    Damn! 25 dollars to see these two bamas? They better be GOOD!!

  2. #2

    Man these bamas betta be on point! No bull tho!

  3. #3

    it's going to be worth it... i know/seen these two guys in action. they are funny.

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