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Fabu-Goth Figure Skater Johnny Weir in D.C. Tonight

Anybody who has followed professional wrestling should be able to understand where Johnny Weir fits into the figure-skating ecosystem: He’s the quirky guy with the big fan base who helps the weekly telecast get big ratings but is never really in line for the belt. (From the '80s, the poetry-spouting “Leaping” Lanny Poffo comes to mind.) But the fashion-forward, queer-to-the-max Weir is more interesting than most wrestlers, not only because he’s more talented than most skaters, but also because his athletic career, his public persona, and his private life all blend together in a way that would scare most pop stars. (He was unnerving the skating world years before anybody decided Lady Gaga was important.) In short, Weir is a badass even if he never manages to win an Olympic medal. But — like any iconoclast who still needs to pay the bills — he occasionally does predictable things, like writing an autobiography (Welcome To My World), which he’ll be signing tonight at Macy’s.

Johnny Weir hosts a men's fashion event tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Macy's Metro Center, 1201 G St. NW. (202) 628-6661.

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  • AB

    It's not quite fair to say he's akin to a wrestler who will never win the belt. Weir is one of the most gifted figure skaters out there, possibly ever. He won the US championship 3 years in a row. But I suppose you could say that things don't always work out for him in competition. He has only one world medal. Still, everyone should YouTube the heck out of Weir just to see his gorgeous skating. And do yourself a favor-- after you've watched Poker Face, look for My Way and Rondo Capriccio. He's quite versatile.

  • jekitten

    AB, I think you might be missing the connection the author's making between professional wrestling and figure skating: The one most deserving of the title may not be the one who gets it. ('08 National Championships, anyone?) Totally agree though, he's a wonderfully versatile skater with a lyricism you don't get from his Gaga numbers. Well worth spending some time on YouTube.

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