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Author Cathy Alter Talks Celebrity Crushes and D.C. Writers

The author co-edited a new collection of essay about writers' first celebrity crushes.

D.C. Welcomes Another New Bookstore, This Time in Park View

Walls of Books DC opens Dec. 12.

The Epic Fails of the Librarian of Congress

He doesn't come into the office until noon, uses a fax machine instead of email, and takes lavish trips on the pretense of work.

What Local Authors Are Reading This Summer

Get recommendations from George Pelecanos, Sandra Beasley, Alice McDermott, Maud Casey, and others.

Mothers, Daughters, Orthodox Judaism, and Forgiveness: Local Author Michelle Brafman On Her New Book

The writer talks Jewish feminism and the depravity of the Georgetown rabbi who filmed women getting undressed for the mikveh last year.

How a Dead Tree Bookstore Survives in Petworth

Six months after opening, Upshur Street Books is finding its groove: diverse authors, live events, and small press offerings.

Local Poet Carolyn Forché on Why American Poetry Still Matters and How 9/11 Changed It

Think all the best poems were written in tranquility? Many were written days before the poet's execution.

No More Pseudonymous YA Novels: How Katherine Heiny Returned With a Dazzling Collection of Short Stories

The book Lena Dunham called “magical” illuminates the banal yet somehow important details of everyday life.

In The Tusk that Did the Damage, Tania James Explores the Motives of Elephant Poachers

"Where there should have been a face was a cavity yawning wide, a maw of cut cords and rutted surfaces, a mulch of crimson and bone.”

Author Claire Vaye Watkins on Girls, 36 Questions to Fall in Love, and Writing an Abortion Story

"I wanted to echo of my own experience of having an abortion, which was that it was not the worst thing that ever happened to me, but not easy, either."