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The Blackbyrds’ Kevin Toney Has a New Partner in Song: His Daughter

Some people believe “Rock Creek Park” is the official song of Washington, D.C.—or, at least, that it should be. The Blackbyrds, who co-wrote the 1976 hit, were pushed out the Howard University classroom and on international tour by the late trumpeter Donald Byrd, head of jazz studies at the university. Since then, artists ranging from Public Enemy [...]

Despite Venue Shortcomings, Capital Jazz Fest Draws a Loyal Crowd

The fans lined up as early as 3 a.m. to secure prime real estate in the tent cities or on the sloping main lawn. It looked as if they were leaving for a month-long vacation, towing food and creature comforts on dollies, customized wagons, and platform trucks that contractors use to haul lumber. They brought air [...]