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The Sleigher: The Killers, “Christmas in L.A.”

HO HO WHO: The Killers return again to Christmas singles, with assists from Dawes and sad sack Owen Wilson.
CHRISTMAS CRAPPIN': This is The Killers' seventh round of Christmas singles for Bono's (RED) campaign, and they sound about as sick of it as their hapless actor-narrator is of his city. As the band turns the ostensibly holiday-themed single [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 5: Magical Dumplings and Oingo Boingo

From an out-of-work crabber to a widowed Iraqi father trying to escape his duty to avenge his wife's death, the protagonists of DC Shorts' Showcase 5 are trying to flee from something. Some are looking for a more literal escape (the flight attendants with something to hide of Love Me Anyway) while others, like the [...]

The Sleigher: Krispy Kreme, “Christmas”

HO HO WHO: It's Krispy Kreme, the rapper Wikipedia describes as "Southern speaking." Kreme first shot to fameishness after posting a rap video that features him wielding firearms in a basement and delivering unconventional boasts like "I made out with so many girls/made out with every girl in the world." While he was forced to [...]

R. Kelly’s Alleged Appearance Demands Actually Pretty Reasonable

If you were hosting R&B maestro R. Kelly at your club, you might expect to meet some extravagant demands. Champagne fountains, maybe an ice sculpture in the shape of his face.
But you'd be wrong. According to a new lawsuit filed by Washington's Stadium Club strip club over an aborted appearance from the star, Kelly is [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 7: Meatspin as a Plot Point

Short reviews of films from this year's DC Shorts Film Festival
Cobra: Perhaps the first short film to feature Meatspin (don't Google it) as a plot point. A father attends his estranged son's funeral, and connects with son's friends at a male burlesque. The funeral drags, but the nightclub scenes project an enjoyable mix of silliness [...]

Go-Go Live Author Says Politics & Prose Silenced Her Mix CD, Store Disagrees

A reading of Go-Go Live, a new  book about D.C.'s homegrown sound, at Chevy Chase's Politics & Prose last night turned into a parody of race relations in the District, according to author Natalie Hopkinson.
Hopkinson brought a mix CD of funk and go-go songs to play during the signing. But 30 seconds after the first [...]

10 Reasons to Love The Newsroom

I don't know what everybody's talking about: The Newsroom, HBO's Aaron Sorkin-penned drama about cable news, is great. Here are the best parts (spoilers ahoy!):
1. This guy:

Why don't they give him 10 o'clock? He's such a persistent interviewer, although I'm not sure that "Why is America the best ever?" is the right hill on which to [...]

Photos: Inciting Art-Gallery Dance Parties with Jeffry Cudlin

People will react to a man in a pink dress carrying a boombox down 14th Street NW in three ways. Some will pretend it’s something they’re used to seeing. Others will laugh. But most will just smile nervously, as if they suspect they’re being surveilled.
“There’s something liberating about making art that at the end of [...]

Rockville Filmmaker Goes on Hunger Strike Outside White House

"I fantasize about lasagna a lot," says the Rockville filmmaker Chris Flaherty. Flaherty will have to wait at least a few more hours before his big meal, though.
Flaherty has been on a five-day hunger strike in Lafayette Park in support of Ethiopian political prisoner Birtukan Mideksa. At 6 p.m. today, he's calling it quits. "I'm [...]