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Why Megan Mullally Loves D.C., Nick Offerman, and Goofing Off

Megan Mullally may have first come to public consciousness with the popularity of Will & Grace, but she's been a staple in theatrical performances for quite a bit longer. Similarly, her marriage to Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman has been going strong for 14 years, but only due to his success in the last four years or [...]

Comedians Jared Logan and Kara Klenk on HBO Sex and Pooping at Friends’ Houses

The growth of D.C.'s comedy scene doesn't just come from the comedians that it exports, but the comedians it draws to locations besides the Washington Improv Theater. The names Kara Klenk and Jared Logan may not ring a bell, unless you're a total comedy geek, but their credits are impressive: Logan has recorded a 30-minute Comedy [...]

Jason Hamacher, a Punk “Drummer With a Camera,” Is Now a Syrian-Art Preservationist

It’s spring’s first balmy Saturday evening, and the Convergence parking lot is packed. The Alexandria church and community arts center regularly hosts punk shows for neighborhood teens, but today, the reception area is filled with an incongruous combination of young church families, foreign dignitaries, and 30-something punks in Replacements T-shirts and full-sleeve tattoos. Meanwhile, the [...]

The Sleigher: Patty Walters, “This Is Halloween”

HO HO WHO: 22-year-old Brighton native Patty Walters is quite the YouTube sensation among girls under the age of 18. When he's not busy lending his preternaturally nasal vocals to pop-punk outfit As It Is, Walters YouTubes his screamo covers of popular songs by Miley Cyrus and Panic! at the Disco et al. For this Halloween/Christmas edition, he [...]

Comic Hannibal Buress: Don’t You Dare “Mm-Hmm” Him

For such a relaxed guy, stand-up comic Hannibal Buress seems awfully preoccupied with details. But details make up the basis of a lot of his material. Take his 2012 comedy album, Animal Furnace; big chunks of it are just analyses of short interactions with people.
His ability to expound on minutiae makes him a funny performer, [...]