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Realizing Madoff

The new script for Imagining Madoff has many of the things that were present the first time Theater J planned its staging. Talmudic excerpts. Meditations on the New York Mets. Lapidary dialogue verging on poetry. And a hauntingly wrought Madoff character, a notorious but little-known villain through whom playwright Deb Margolin delivers a portrait of [...]

The Show That Went On: Imagining Madoff at Stageworks/Hudson, Witnessed

[Ed. note: Thanks to the legal team of Elie Wiesel, our critic was unable to attend Imagining Madoff on 16th street as previously planned. Instead, he had to hoof it to Hudson, N.Y.]
Deb Margolin's button-pushing character study of Bernie Madoff never got a chance to open Theater J's 2010-11 season, but a modified version of [...]

J. Roddy Walston Gets Down to Business

J. Roddy Walston & The Business
J. Roddy Walston is from Tennessee, but he and his band, The Business, split time between Baltimore and Richmond. They also split time between tiresome arena bombast and infectious, smirking boogie-woogie. The group's self-titled record—its first on a label; 2007's Hail Mega Boys was a self-release—comes out today and does [...]

Goodbye 21st Century, Hello 18th: A Farewell Post

As of Friday, I’m leaving City Paper to enter a doctoral program at UNC Chapel Hill. It’ll be a lot like working here, except the dick jokes are fancier.
I’m going to miss covering baseball-bat crime; waxing pedantic about bad drivers; conducting opaque interviews with Zachary Mason and Van Morrison; reporting on Elie Wiesel's undue influence [...]

Photo: Flower Children

Dryads mid-frolic at the All Good Festival; photograph by Annie Galvin

Noodling Among the Great Unwashed: Debriefing the All Good Festival

Noodling, n. ~ [noodle, v. int.; nood-ler, n.; var. nüdl] ~ Affectionate if deprecating slang for the solitary gyrations favored by blissed-out attendees at jam-band concerts.
Bag-checks and responsible alcohol regulations have become more and more standard at the major festivals. An innocuous glass dealer at Bonnaroo, earlier this year, had $4,500 worth of pipes and [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Sen. Robert Byrd Will Not Be Attending the All Good Festival’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*The Daily Caller roasts Sen. Robert Byrd on the occasion of his death. Apart from the nominally provocative use of epithets like "woodhicks" to describe the late senator's constituents, Tucker Carlson's online publication also unearths what must stand as the angriest-looking photograph of latter-day Byrd (in keeping with the article's [...]

Fort Reno 2010 Summer Lineup Announced

As promised, we've got this summer's slate below. (Lineup broke today.) Check back for superior analysis from J.L. Fischer and others.
Monday, June 28th
The Public Good, America Hearts, Tiny Bombs
Thursday, July 1st
Sleeper Agent, Gangland Buries Its Own, The Black Sparks
Monday, July 5th
The Cheniers, Dynamite Fishermen

Tomorrow Morning on WPFW: Captain Fly and I Spin Records, Discuss Terry Huff

Tomorrow morning, at the ungodly hour of 8:30 a.m., I will appear on Captain Fly's "Oldies House Party" on WPFW (89.3 on your FM dial). I'll be there to discuss my story on Terry Huff and Special Delivery. We'll also be playing pertinent records from many of the groups name-checked in that story.
Early risers can [...]

Whatever Happened to Terry Huff, the Dude Behind “I Destroyed Your Love”?

For this week's cover, I wrote about Terry Huff, a largely forgotten singer and songwriter from a special moment in D.C. R&B.
Huff came from a family of 18 kids, was burned out of his house, went to a foster farm, sang on streetcorners, met a Greek named Johnny Boy Katsouros who [...]