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Make Your Own Pinhole Camera for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.

Flow Chart: D.C.’s Thriving Comic-Creator Scene

From local comic conventions to an active network of cartoonists and illustrators, D.C.’s making big moves in the world of comic books.

Bird Phobists, Beware: Brooklyn Puppeteer Robin Frohardt Brings Creepy Pigeons to Life in The Pigeoning at Artisphere

Arts Desk spoke to Robin Frohardt about how she brought her quirky characters to life as puppets.

D.C. Musician Jack Gregori Sang on The Voice, Got New Fans and Explicit Facebook Messages

Gregori's regular Wednesday night gig at Madam's Organ has gotten much busier.

A Decade of Local Indie Comics from DC Conspiracy

Magic Bullet publishes some of the city's best illustrators and cartoonists.

This Weekend, Six Theaters Will Write and Produce a Play in 24 Hours

"It’s like going to the gym for theater. It’s getting reps in and doing cardio.”

Area Nerd Competes Against Fellow Geeks on TBS Reality Show

"I learned that alliances are very important, and that I had to like Little Caesar’s pizza."

The Sleigher: Christopher Lee, “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing”

The 92-year-old British actor wishes you a heavy, dark Christmas.

Meet the Local Illustrator of Lumberjanes, a Feminist, Fast-Growing Summer Camp Comic

Five punky best girl friends fight yetis and velociraptors (and sometimes kiss) in Brooke Allen's drawings.

Paperhaus Synths Up for a Kraftwerk Cover Show at U Hall

To Paperhaus lead singer Alex Tebeleff, the German synth act is “like the Beatles.”