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All Roads Film Festival: Desert Flower, Reviewed

Desert Flower is based on the true story of supermodel Waris Dirie, who was born in rural Somalia but fled at age 13 before her family could force her into an arranged marriage. After days walking through the desert to Somalia's capital, relatives helped her escape to London where she worked [...]

All Roads Film Festival: For the Next 7 Generations, Reviewed

In 2004, a baker's dozen of grandmothers from indigenous nations around the globe met out of a shared concern for the earth. They formed an alliance, called the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and traveled the globe—the Amazon rainforest, the mountains of Mexico, North America, and at a private meeting [...]

DC Shorts Showcase 4 Reviewed

A relatively heavy selection of films in terms of content, with some shorts that tug hard on the heart strings. But do not fear. There's plenty of comedy and animation in the mix to make this set light enough to digest on a Friday eve. Here are my thoughts on Showcase 4 which will make [...]

DC Shorts Showcase 6 Reviewed

This showcase of shorts will make it's screening debut this evening at 9 p.m. at the US Navy Memorial Center, offering a bit of drama but plenty of great comedy to lighten the day.  Some are laugh out loud, others miss the mark a bit. All in all, worth a visit.   Here are my [...]

Silverdocs: A conversation with Utopia in 4 Movements Director Sam Green

There’s something sublime about being read to—going on a journey without having to steer the wheel. The Brothers Grimm had the perfect formula for it with their fantastical stories of good and evil that neatly packaged exacting lessons of morality, virtue and vice.
I recalled those tales while watching the “live” documentary Utopia in 4 Movements, [...]

Reviewed: Masquerades

My father read me Grimm's Fairy Tales late in my literary development, long after I could sweep through novels with heavier plots on my own. But it gave me comfort to curl up and listen to the implausible tales that sought little more than to entertain and teach the simple lessons of humility and temperance.  The dreams that [...]

Q&A With Maysoon Pachachi, Director of Open Shutters Iraq

Art closely reflects life in one of this year's Arabian Sights Film Festival openers,  Open Shutters Iraq, a documentary film about Iraqi women learning to tell stories using photography.  In a meta-critical way, director Maysoon Pachachi (an Iraqi herself) documents a story she can relate to even though it differs dramatically from her own.   Pachachi was born in Washington, DC [...]