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A D.C. Theatermaker’s Shockingly Sudden Exit

The e-mail came just a few weeks ago. The header said "A Huge Favor." For Gaurav Gopalan, Heather Haney would probably have done two. She was that fond of him. Many people were.
They had met in the spring of 2006, soon after Gopalan left a voicemail asking if Haney wanted to try out for [...]

Side by Side by Sondheim, Reviewed

If you're in the market for dazzling, you might want to save your pennies for the all-star Follies that's in previews at the Kennedy Center. That $7 million undertaking will presumably offer a little more in the way of spectacle than the Signature Theatre has been able to muster in its pleasant run through Side [...]

Naif on the Town: Candide, Reviewed

Candide hurls its characters from a storybook castle into a garden hedged ‘round by a new-earned knowledge of good and evil, and in the process it cracks open their heads and their hearts. Ours, too.
At least in Mary Zimmerman’s thoughtful, emotional production—are there two words that chime together better when the subject is theater?—this is [...]

Darwin in Malibu, Reviewed

The Washington Stage Guild's new show is a sturdy little meditation on living in the shadow of mortality, dressed up with just enough of the fantastical to keep an audience engaged.

Reviewed: A Distaff Julius Caesar, Still Dying by the Sword

Julius Caesar
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Lise Bruneau
Taffety Punk Theatre Company at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop to Oct. 23
Jessica Lefkow's Cassius—a lean and hungry-looking schemer indeed—and Esther Williamson's softer-spoken but steel-spined Brutus are the solid anchors of a Julius Caesar where even that saddle-sore swaggerer Marc Antony is played by an actor who's bound her breasts [...]

Critical Mass: Mondello, Klimek Come off the Bench for a Great Game Brawl

In which the City Paper's theater gaggle gabbles on about an epic piece of theater. And some of its predecessors.

The Great Game: Afghanistan, Reviewed

There’s a lot going on at Sidney Harman Hall, where the London-based Tricycle Theatre has brought its sprawling chronicle The Great Game: Afghanistan to the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s stage. A cyclical story of invasion and resistance covering nearly two centuries, and a joint effort involving no fewer than 12 writers, the massive undertaking looks at three [...]

Wait, Bernadette Peters Is Gonna Be In Follies? OMG, For Reals?!?

She'll play Sally Durant Plummer, who gets two of the most celebrated numbers in a show many fans think may be Sondheim's masterpiece. But is she the right pick?

Theater Asides: Under-the-Breath Mutterings About Festivals, Seasons, Venues And Such

Noted, briefly, and more or less in passing:

Do you want your theaters to treat you like the airlines do? Some of them think it's a good idea. Not everyone agrees. (But the argument at that first link? It's from a guy at Arena Stage. Hmmm.)
The peripatetic Spooky Action Theater has found itself a home: Richard [...]

Signature Theatre Adds Preview Nights (But At What Price?)

Their move: Signature's preview-period gambit
breaks new ground for DC theaters.

"The show opened at Signature on Aug. 10," notes the third paragraph of this story about the poster design for Chess.
But you didn't see reviews of the musical last week, did you? And you won't—maybe not until September.
That's because the Signature Theatre, in a move [...]