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Men Behaving Badly: Dogfight at Keegan Theatre, Reviewed

A delicate portrait gets coarse around the edges with the addition of an hour's worth of musical material.

A Response to the Wall Street Journal‘s Defense of Traditional Shakespeare

A Shakespeare production featuring women? What is this, amateur hour?!

Buyer & Cellar at Shakespeare Theatre Company, Reviewed

Michael Urie is the kind of charmed storyteller who can get away with laughing at his own jokes. As an underemployed L.A. actor with a decidedly unusual day job, he'll drop some gem-sharp absurdity, pause to let the audience guffaw, widen his eyes in an "I-know-right?" acknowledgment, pull a face and stifle a giggle—and fuel [...]

Anything Goes at Kennedy Center, Reviewed

It's no coincidence that the giddily slender plot of Anything Goes plays like a particularly breezy episode of Frasier: Joe Keenan, that sitcom's best and most consistent writer, has always acknowledged his debt to P.G. Wodehouse, master farceur and co-author of the original Anything Goes story. Wodehouse and his collaborators (there was one initially, then two more to [...]

Folger Theatre’s Henry V, Reviewed

The Chorus' famous apology—"this unworthy scaffold," he calls the stage in his opening speech—provides the organizing principle of Robert Richmond's lean, consciously theatrical staging of Henry V at the Folger Theatre. That, and a sober sense of the price of power; Zach Appelman's charismatic young Henry grows up and sobers up convincingly before the audience's [...]

My Fair Lady at Arena Stage and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart at Bier Baron, Reviewed

An acerbic academic gets wild and crazy with Old Scratch one midwinter's night, and that's not even the most unlikely event in The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, a singular exercise in site-specific programming booked in at Bier Baron, a Dupont Circle pub, courtesy of the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Shipped in from Edinburgh complete with [...]

Suicide, Incorporated, Reviewed

If corporations are people, what of the company that's in it to help you end it? That's the business of Legacy Letters, the unlikely setting for No Rules Theatre Company's darker-than-dark workplace comedy that is Suicide, Incorporated. Proprietor Scott (Joe Isenberg) argues at one point that a well-crafted leave-behind note is the least the depressed [...]

Xanadu at Signature Theatre, Reviewed

It's been just a few months since director Matthew Gardiner had me grinding my teeth with rage; now he's got me giggling like a teenager. Something to be said for a guy who can follow up a grim campus-rape drama with a perfectly pitched roller-disco musical.
Then again, what's not to like about Xanadu? Douglas Carter [...]

The Final Days of Gaurav Gopalan

This article, from this week's print edition, expands and updates a blog post from last week.
The email came just a few weeks ago. The header said “A Huge Favor.” For Gaurav Gopalan, Heather Haney would probably have done two. She was that fond of him. Many, many people were.
They had met in the spring of [...]

Gaurav Gopalan’s Death Ruled a Homicide

The death of Gaurav Gopalan, a Washington aerospace engineer and theatermaker, has been ruled a homicide by the D.C. medical examiner.
Gopalan, who was found unconscious near his Columbia Heights home in the early hours of Sept. 10, died after suffering sub-arachnoid hemorrhage—bleeding in the space between the brain and the thin tissues that cover it—"due [...]