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Weekend Music Roundup: Cameo, Henry Rollins, and More

Best of Friday:
Cameo and Sugarfoot's The Ohio Players. $45. 8 p.m. DAR Constitution Hall.
Prince once said, “If you can describe it, it ain’t funky.” It’s hard to express the impact early funk juggernauts Cameo and the Ohio Players had on the genre; by now they’ve informed at least two generations of popular music. Cameo [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Monotonix, KIDS, Chromeo

Best of Friday:
Steve Kiviat writes:
Tel Aviv power-rockers Monotonix are not celebrated for their albums. Just like previous efforts, last month's  Steve Albini-produced Not Yet blends hookless shouting with self-indulgent guitar riffs, and the result sounds like an unsuccessful MC5-Led Zeppelin hybrid. But live, the trio compensates with pure spectacle. Singer Avi  Shalev leaps into the [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Dr. Dog, Si*Sé, Lissie

Best of Friday:
Dr. Dog with The Head and The Heart. $15. 8 p.m. doors. 9:30 Club. SOLD OUT.
With 10 years of recording and touring to its credit, Dr. Dog is not a band still in search its "sound."  I mean, mull over this rather damning, back-handed compliment from a review of the band's 2010 album, Shame [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Dismemberment Plan Reunion, Yo La Tengo, and Little Dragon

The best of the entire weekend
The Dismemberment Plan, performing tonight at the Black Cat (sold out), and Saturday and Sunday (also sold out) at 9:30 Club.
I loathe to admit, but I've yet to earn my D-Plan stripes. It's not looking like this will be the weekend to do so either. In all matters Dismemberment Plan, [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: We Are the World Edition

After spending a few weeks down south, I returned to D.C. reminded of how much this city constantly has to offer.  So after quite literally returning from the backwoods to write this weeks' roundup, I felt like I was setting up booths at some high school multi-culti "We Are the World-inspired festival. Granted, not my [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Straight, No Chaser Edition


Liz Phair, U.S. Royalty. 8 p.m. $25. 9:30 Club.
Gene Wene, The Blackberry Belles. 9 p.m. $20. Black Cat.
Free Lobster Buffet, Honey House, The Bourbon House (all sound delicious, all are just bands). 9:30 p.m. $8. Red Palace.
Bellman Barker, Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band, Alma Tropicalia, Fort Washington Band. 9 p.m. $10. Rock & [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: The We Don’t Have Tickets to The Walkmen Edition

In other news besides the obvious, the first of holiday concerts, spectaculars, and recitals have begun!  Fear not, there is still lots to do and see. Especially if you feel it's still too early for the onslaught of holiday cheer, or if your Craigslist guy didn't come through. Either way, dust off those tacky sweaters and [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Screen Vinyl Image, Modern Skirts, the Go-Go Awards

The Best of Friday:

Screen Vinyl Image is everything you want to listen to right now. The duo's new "Ice Station" 7-inch is awash in heady synths, notes of somber melancholy, and pyschy guitar that hints at their wintry Alcian Blue roots. With Counterfeit I, and Phonic Riot. 10 p.m. show. $8. Velvet Lounge.

Weekend Music Roundup: Bluebrain, The Vita Ruins, and Ramen Trading

The best of Friday:
Bluebrain sates whatever urges you might have to recline under the stars with lingering electronica playing in the background. Even if you're not actually outside when you're doing your star-gazing. Ambient folk duo Janel & Anthony and the Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble take the stage afterward. 6:30 p.m. $12. David [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Something Old, Something New Edition

Best of Friday:

You don't need to know about Roky Erickson's prototypical psych-rock efforts or his troubled back story to appreciate the triumph that is his latest record, True Love Cast Out All Evil. Erickson's '60s band, The 13th Floor Elevators, basically deserves credit for all the the psych-rock/freak-psych/psych-folk made by lesser minds that you've spent the last few years [...]